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What is the chance of the Hallow's Balrog spawning? If I teleport to the Hallows, is there a chance he will spawn?

How about the dragon in Nid? Does it eventually spawn after a while of roaming?

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I'm not sure what the chance of spawning the Hallow's Balrog is, but the only way to spawn him is by entering the Hallows Chamber via the Pool of Water (So teleorting in will never work).

Fafnir, the Nid Dragon, spawns by walking around Nid.  The odds of him spawning, I believe (could be wrong), are 1/100 in Karl, 1/1,000 in Odal, and 1/10,000 in Jarl.  I'm pretty sure those were the numbers for GC 2.5 (I haven't played in long time).


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