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Here's the notice page from GC about 4.0. Figured I would post it here for posterity purposes.


Grendel's Cave 4.0


Version 4.0 is Live!


New Leveling System

I added a new leveling system to Grendel's Cave. Now, you start out in the beginning, Liklúker, kingdom and progress from there. Each kingdom has a requirement to win the kingdom and then you are allowed to sail to the next level. In the Liklúker kingdom you must get 1000 value and then are allowed to sail. In Ein(1) you earn or obtain one amulet. The first level in which you can, and must, slay Grendel to sail on is Átta(8). Go see Hrothgar in Heorot Hall and he will tell you what the requirement is to win his kingdom. There are 28 Levels, beginning Liklúker, Ein(1) through Tuttugu-ok-sex(26) and a bonus top level, Valhalla kingdom.


You must earn unlocked abilities by leveling. Your thane starts out with one unlocked ability. Then, as your thane progresses in the game, from lower to higher kingdom levels, you are awarded additional unlocked abilities. Reset thanes from earlier versions will keep all of their natural abilities, but must unlock them by progressing in the game.


You earn free lives in higher kingdoms by killing Grendel or Grendel and his Mother or Grendel, Mother and the Dragon. You earn 1 life for killing Grendel in the Átta(8) kingdom and it increases from there. You can also win cash prizes for killing all three in the higher kingdoms. The higher the kingdom, the better the cash prize. You earn 0.5% of the cash prize for killing Grendel, Mother and the Dragon in the Tuttugu(20) kingdom and it increases as you level higher.


In the top level, bonus, Valhalla kingdom, once you become an Einherjar you win the BIG cash prize. Your thane is immortalized on the Hall of Fame as an Einherjar, with an official Einherjar number, and I issue you an official Einherjar card. Your thane is retired from the game, i.e., your thane is killed and cannot be resurrected. You can continue to play the thane with a reset and you will see a special honor on the thane ranking page.


$ Daily Cash Prize $

Every day I will award one hard playing thane with a cash prize. By playing the game each thane earns tallies. You earn tallies by waking up (once per day), killing monsters, singing of deeds, interacting with the witches, Wealhtheow and the Dragon. If you resurrect your thane you will lose all of your tallies up to that point.


At the end of the day, right at midnight, the player of the living thane with the highest daily tally will win a cash prize. The daily prize varies, but starts at $0.75 (75 US cents) and can go up. Once you accumulate a $3.75 cash prize or higher you can message me and I will transfer the cash to your PayPal account. However, at any time you can convert your cash into lives at half price and with no processing fee. This is a great way to earn lives at a big discount.


I have increased the price per life to $0.60 (60 US cents) to cover the cost of the prizes. You can see the current cash prize kitty on the thane ranking page, here Thane Ranking. I initially seeded the cash prize with $200.00 US, you are welcome.


Game Changes

When you shape-shift you will keep all of your unlocked natural abilities

Super-Hero Wizards will cast fast spells, not incurring a Cast Spell speed penalty

Super-Hero Wizards will cast better conjured monsters

Super-Hero Wizards can use Protection from Magic and Magic Damage Only together

I switched back the original uses of the UW and Ice amulets

I removed the protection from death use limit of the Ice amulet

I restored Mother's Heart TPing to other worlds, but for the cost of 1 life

I added Go Home in the I Will select that will take you home for 1 life

With a Protection from Death premium you will not drop your stuff in kingdom levels Liklúker(0) through Tíu(10)

Amulets have a chance to break when you use them

You can fix your amulets at the rune shop

You can fix the basic magical items, once again, at the blacksmith

You can teleport to named harpoons

Flowers and bugs keep the witch from doing bad stuff

(If your value > 4 and you have rings)

Active World Reset

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, I will create a new set, or World, of kingdoms, Liklúker, Ein(1) through Tuttugu-ok-sex(26), and Valhalla. All players that wish to play for leveling, lives, daily tally cash prizes, kingdom cash prizes or the BIG cash prize for progressing through all kingdom levels, entering the Valhalla kingdom and becoming an Einherjar, will have to start over in World 4.0. This version of Grendel's Cave is perpetual and will not require any more resets. I will still make changes and updates to the game but these should not require me to do any more resets.


Hall of Fame

You must slay Grendel, Grendel's Mother and the Dragon in a level Tuttugu(20) or higher kingdom for me to add your thane to the Hall of Fame. I will add any thane who achieves Einherjar status in the Valhalla kingdom to the Hall of Fame. Einherjar thanes will be the highest ranked thanes at the top of the Hall of Fame list and are considered the best Grendel's Cave players of all times. I am issuing Einherjar cards to all of the players of the Einherjar thanes, with their Einherjar number and other pertinent information. This card designates you as an official Grendel's Cave Einherjar with all rights, privileges and braggadocio granted.


You: feel euphoric, killed Grendel with a kick to the Body, see your Yggdrasil Amulet break, feel the rush of air in your face, hear Hrothgar say 'Oh, the fiend Grendel's Mother torments us, if you kill her my kingdom is yours.'

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