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Ive died several times tryin to answer the third question in thrall. "who plays the live action professor ludwig von drake" if anyone could give me a hand with this it would be greatly appreciated

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I tried over 50 answers on that one with no luck, if anyone gets it I will give them a Mother amulet and Dragon Blood in thrall. Just sleep by the third question with the amulet on and whisper to tryit what the answer was, I really want to know how close I was.

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seen that one couple times but never got it, id say it's weirdly worded answer or something.


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Loki Odinson
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Try this one.... "Corey Burton"....

http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0000632/?ref_=fn_al_ch_1 is my reference


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Tried it and everything related to that voice actor but no luck.

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ya, no luck :(

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ask Odds.


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